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Profile Flow, a profile manager..

Profile Flow can make your Smart Phone MORE Smarter, it can automatically Switch Profiles for you, gives your phone a different personality..

Profile Flow can be used in a number of ways. Here's a few we can think of :

Silence it automatically when you are in office and make it scream on top of its voice when you are in busy market.

Use mobile data when on the move and start slurping from office wifi when you reach your office.

Automatically let some one know that you have left a particular location (say order for a pick up from the train station at the destination) or let your wife/husband know that you have left the office and that they could start cooking dinner, so it's hot and fresh when you arrive home :)

Remind you to pick up flowers from a local store before you reach home.

These are just a few, we would love to hear how Profile Flow helped you . Please do give Profile Flow a try and help us improve this little tool in becoming the personal assistant you will ever need.